CanNegev started its first year of operations

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CanNegev started its first year of operations and got the Israeli Innovation Authority approval for the first incubator year of activity

CanNegev Incubator in Yeruham – The home for entrepreneurs and startups in the field of medical cannabis – has started it’s first year of activity in Yeruham.

The Incubator was founded by 3 partners:

  • BOL Pharma – Israel’s largest medical cannabis company. read more ›
  • Perrigo – A leading global healthcare company. read more ›
  • OurCrowd – The world’s leading crowdfunding. read more ›


Those 3 important partners are well known and successful companies,each in his field, and together they are complement each other – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

We invite entrepreneurs and startups with medical cannabis related innovations in the field of biotech, pharma, agtech, cleantech and foodtech to present their initiative and be part of CanNegev – the home for medical cannabis innovations.