3R Pharma Joins CanNegev Incubator in Yeruham

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CanNegev is pleased to announce that 3R Pharma has joined the CanNegev Incubator program. This follows approval by the Israel Innovation Authority (IAA).

3R Pharma develops effective and innovative cannabinoid-based therapies for chronic ocular diseases.

Chronic ocular surface diseases affect between 15-20% of a global population. For most of these chronic ailments there are no long-term treatments, no FDA approved protocols, while exiting antibiotics or steroids cannot be used continuously without significant side effects.

3R Pharma’ mission is to unlock and exploit the potential of cannabinoid-based medicines. The company’s goal is to address serious conditions that currently have limited or no treatment options.

CanNegev – the home for entrepreneurs and startups in the field of medical cannabis – will support 3R Pharma as the company develops the next generation of cannabinoid-based ocular therapeutics. These patent-pending medicines will provide a novel treatment option for various conditions that are currently insufficiently addressed.

We wish 3R Pharma every success!


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