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CanAx is a 10 week accelerator program, designed to upgrade the skills of startups focused on medical cannabis, biotech, pharma, agtech, cleantech, foodtech and wellbeing based technology solutions. CanAx is intended to take startups to the next level through professional mentoring, advanced laboratories, co-working space, international networking and VC funding.

The CanAx program is free of cost and without equity dilution

The time is now! CanAx calls on you – entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas, doctors, researchers and startups
with early 
stage technologies. Apply today for CanAx’s support in meeting the following startup challenges. 

Acceptance Criteria

Your project will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts. If there is an innovative aspect that meets a clear need, as well as an approach that could lead to a breakthrough product - it will be accepted to the Accelerator Program.

Future Opportunities

Graduates of the program will be evaluated by CanNegev Incubator steering committee, and if selected might continue to CanRe program, offering up to 100K INS funding (equity free) or/followed by CanUp offering up to 1.25M INS (for equity).

Benefits of The CanAx Program


The program is conducted virtually and physically (Hybrid) at CanNegev Incubator in Yeruham
over 10 sessions with a rich syllabus and professional speakers, including a Demo Day.

Yeruham is a growing city located in Israel’s Negev region, currently expanding its foothold in the
medical cannabis, healthcare and well-being arenas. CanNegev is building a unique ecosystem that includes
researchers, biologists, scientists, doctors, laboratories and, soon, production facilities.



Launch call out for applications

First Stage


Screening best-suited applications by steering committee

Second Stage


Launching the acceleration program

Third Stage


End of program by Demo Day

fourth Stage


Screening top graduates for the CanRe / CanUp programs

Fifth Stage


Interested in joining CanNegev or receiving more information? Please complete the form below. We will get back to you shortly.

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Interested in joining CanNegev or receiving more information? Please complete the form below and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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