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From biotech, pharma, and foodtech, through UAV, app development or green energy, from medical cannabis to cleantech, to nanotech… If you have an innovative initiative in any tech arena you’re invited!

Innovative initiatives in all technological arenas

CAN grow in the NEGEV – at CanNegev!

Acceptance Criteria

Your project will be evaluated by experts. If it has an innovative aspect as well as an applicable realistic approach, and if it leads to a breakthrough product that meets a certain need - it will be accepted to our Entrepreneurship Program.

Financial Subsistence Package

The entrepreneur program includes financial subsistence package that allows you to research and develop your idea without worries. This financial subsistence package consists of a monthly subsistence stipend and apartment rental support.

Professional Mentoring and Guidance

top tier researchers and KOL will mentor you and your project, along with the highly experienced and knowledgeable CanNegev incubator team, that will guide you throughout the way to success.

Laboratories and Work Environment

At CanNegev you will enjoy a nurturing tech environment, a modern workspace with full office services, and a range of R&D facilities: inhouse chemistry and biology labs, Israel's National Ground for UAV field experiments in Yeruham, collaborations with other labs and technological infrastructures in the Negev.

Future Opportuinities

CanNegev incubator offers a unique ecosystem, that opens the door for any successful project to become one of CanNegev portfolio startup company and be accepted to the incubator startup program - see FOR STARTUPS

The Process


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Second Stage


Project evaluation

Third Stage

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Forth Stage

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