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From biotech, pharma, and foodtech, through UAV, app development or green energy, from medical cannabis to cleantech, to nanotech… If you have an innovative idea in any tech arena you’re invited!

Innovative initiatives in all technological arenas

CAN grow in the NEGEV – at CanNegev!

Acceptance Criteria

In considering inclusion within the incubator, we will evaluate the entrepreneurs and their initiatives in terms of innovation, intellectual property, feasibility, product demand, market size, competition, regulation and compatibility with the incubator's strategy.

Financial Package

The starturp program includes financial and in-kind investments

1. Financial - Budget of 3M NIS in addition to in kind services for two years of operations

2. In kind services - Support and resources supplied by the incubator and its partners - see "Mentoring and Guidance"

Mentoring And Guidance

The Process


Apply With Your Startup

First Stage


Meet With Us

Second Stage


Project Evaluation

Third Stage

Our Committee

Investment Committee

fourth Stage


Due Diligence

Fifth Stage


Board Of Directors Approval

Sixth Stage


Israel Innovation Authority Submission

Seventh stage

Join Us

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Eighth Stage


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