Thechnology Incubator

in Yeruham

The home for innovative technological startups and entrepreneurs.
CanNegev provides a complete comprehensive package that will turn your idea into a successful business.

This includes
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Financial Support – budget and in-kind investments NIS throughout the incubator programs.


Business Development – intellectual property, market research and analysis, legal support etc.

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Strategic Mentoring – mentoring and guidance from leading consultants in the relevant industries.

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Choose your program

Let’s develop your idea together

The program provides professional mentoring, lectures and networking that will help you develop and refine your idea.

Let’s prove your concept.

A non-dilutive funded R&D program for conducting an initial POC and feasibility test.

Let’s make your startup a company.

A financing program, which will include facilities and access to strategic partners that will help develop your business model for your startup

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