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Ramon AgTech

Ramon AgTech develops autonomous mobile platforms for scouting in growing environments. The platforms use advanced optical sensors and AI frameworks for through early detection and real-time treatment of major plant threats.
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SeaBD is developing unique polysaccharide-CBD based pharmaceutical products for topical treatment of Herpes virus infections. These products will provide immediate relief of long-term pain and will speed recovery from Herpes outbreak. They also will be suitable for patients who suffer from emerging Acyclovir HSV-mutants.
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Economotor develops a control system for any electric synchronous motor, based on a new and unique principle of operation. This invention improves the engine efficiency, increases the torque and reduces the dependence on a permanent magnet.
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Dry Powder Inhaler (CanDapi)

CanDapi is a breakthrough in delivering medications and cannabinoids to the lungs by dry powder inhalator. Suitable for any generic and systemic medical powder drugs. Easy to use for all patients.
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Sol-Del Medical

Sol Del is developing a unique drug delivery system for topical delivery of active therapeutic ingredients consist of dissolved patches matrix. The system has a revolutionary controlled release mechanism for a long period (up to days), and with precise amounts of material.
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3R Pharma

3R Therapeutics is developing high-end and complex cannabinoids based pharmaceutical products to address chronic ocular diseases for patients around the world. These patent-pending cannabinoid-based medicines provide a novel treatment option for various conditions that are currently insufficiently addressed.
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