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RobotPicks is developing a state-of-the-art autonomous harvester to ensure optimal picking of high quality crops, starting with cannabis flowers and aiming to expand to general crops in the future. Using an advanced image analysis and learning system, the robot will detect and pick the flowers, clean away the leaves and gently place the flowers in a container. This unique system will be mounted on an autonomous vehicle that will move across the greenhouse and automatically, efficiently and accurately harvest the flowers. The robotic system will add value and economic growth to the grower, reducing harvest costs and improving picking quality and accuracy as compared to the currently applied manual picking practices. At the CanNegev incubator, RobotPicks will develop and finalize the first generation of autonomous robotic harvesters. In the next phase, RobotPicks will build the integration and production facility in Yeruham near the CanNegev incubator, for manufacturing robotic harvesting systems and for conducting worldwide marketing and sales activities.
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